Thousand Little Steps

When the poppies were shining bright with dew drops
When the sun was peeping from the sky
Little Beetle set out to see the world
“Give me your hand” said mumma Beetle
Little Beetle said..”today I want to walk..I will walk to the misty garden
near the cliff and stand on the tallest leaf to see the big bright yellow
Smiles, laughter and joy filled up the journey of Beetles.
Little Beetle crawling slowly ..saw the first sun rays of the day
So beautifully Sun has laid out the rays on the grass

The dreary eyes of everyone along the path are now staring at them
Mumma Beetle sees the same looks and whispers everyday
Little Beetle is playfully striving to reach the cliff
Little Beetle falls numerous times…yet he keeps trying..mumma keeps trying
Then he sees his friends climbing the cliff without any struggle
“Why not me?”…says little Beetle
Mumma dearest finds hard to find the words
Some of his friends along the way laugh at them
Some joke about his legs…

Little Beetle reaches near the cliff..his big friends push him..they hate him
But little beetle still wants to play with his friends
One day everyone is playing near poppy flowers
Little beetle jumps with the help of his new friends
But the watchful eyes of big beetles don’t like it
They want to push little beetle away
They want him squashed
They want him to disappear
But little beetle and mumma dearest don’t give up
They travel high…high up to the hills
They withstand snow, hailstorms
They keep walking.. they don’t lose hope
They leave new trail for others
Little beetle goes through thousand little steps
Tiny profound steps of change

For him….and for others.


here i am ..staring at darkness
refusing to leave again

there is my tea and bread
pancakes on hot plate
pigeon at the kitchen window
streets of hope and light below

cutthroat world over my wilderness
the guest comes and knocks my soul
not prepared not ready to fall
I want to caress this frail wall

aint anything this shining
than this guest of hope
who came and bolted the ruthless realm
then i said...come on in hope..its time

Unsung Guitar

fresh memories..some sweet some loathed with despair
forgotten wish...some seeing the light some still dreamy 
unsung notes....few songs few broken
dews at dawn...few dropped few shining
floating hope....all of them look ahead 
desperately clinging together to become one
To be the song of passion


Strong yet weak …in your arms
Horrid yet beautiful …in your eyes
Caged yet carefree ….near you
Conforming yet rebel …in your words
Always gauging at an atrocious world 
yet its graceful ...when you are around


walking in the sand to meet ocean,
calm serene soul
leaving the uncluttered web behind
to meet the peaceful horizon


Immersed myself in something soulful

Reached a cliff where the rays were unknown

Storm seems subsiding yet soul is forlorn gone

Little bee stuck on a rock says hold on

Hope beckoned me to live

I journeyed through mist of dreams

Weaved like honey in a bee hive


How  a bud blossoming can flower devastation
Hope brings with it the garden of carnation
Often we sail in darkest of seas
And dive through to see the light
And then there is the dilemma of finding sanity and becoming insane
Losing the sight of right and wrong
Flocks moving away ..leaving lonely tread             
That is when my friend I have seen heaven n hell
That is when we lost and regained hope

Star you shine on

You may have gone
You may have forgotten
Like a morning star, like a dew shining far
You followed the heart
You helped me sail
so that I could honor my life
so that I gracefully accept failures
so that I rise when I fall
You were holding my tiny hands
you were watching me
so that I don't stumble
so that I do it right
or I would have fallen..if not you
or I would have been in a shell..if not you
or I would have been a lifeless soul..if not you 
I am smiling in my world
I am a rider going to conquer many more lands 
stay the way unique you are
stay blessed in his kingdom like a czar

Rising Kingdom

Blazing sunrise
Weakening smile
Doomed eyes
All happening for a price
The kingdom in ruins
Here I am holding the light
Shining my armor
Bring on the warriors
Warriors of my clan....of my kind!


dont know when tears rolled down
dont know when you blew us away
dont know when we became feeble and clowns
will there be angels on earth
will we ever be humans again